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PTB Canva Tutorial

PTB Canva Tutorial

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This tutorial will help introduce you to my Canva tricks to create amazing designs! Canva became my best friend once I took time to learn new ways to recreate effects that most would think came from expensive software programs like Photoshop! This class is for intermediate/advanced Canva users. If you are a beginner, you can still follow along and challenge yourself! 

Canva Pro is used for this class. The class will also come with photots for you to upload into Canva to practice with!

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Customer Reviews

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Detailed and user friendly

Amazing tutorial

I was very satisfied with the tutorial. It was easy to follow and very informative. Looking forward to more tutorials! Armani is amazing with Canva

Super easy-to-use

This tutorial was super informative and beginner friendly. You will learn so much!!Armani is amazing at Canva. I totally recommend you try it out and you'll be amazed at the end result 😉 Thank you for this and everything you do!!


Recently purchase the tutorial. Armani's directions were easy to follow. I need more tutorials on all the shortcuts or a full Canva course. I can't wait to learn more because I really want to give Canva a chance. Thank you for all you do

Beginner user friendly

The best investment my $ could buy. Armani's directions were easy to follow and easy to understand. I know this knowledge will take my design creations to another level. I learned about shortcuts, enhancements and duplication. I can't wait to put my creation onto a PTB ordered shirt. I am so excited to share. I will have pictures to share soon. :) Armani thank you for sharing your craft and thank you even more for taking the time to record and share with us.